NOVEL RELEASE: DEATHTOTHEWORLD: an interracial racist love story

Many of you know by now that I’ve completed my novel. It is meant to serve as a gateway to the perspective I’m trying to articulate, and represents the final afterthought of my travels in the US. During these 1.5 years, I went without home or job, outside of society, camping, squatting, hitchhiking, freight-riding, begging, dumpster-diving, busking (tho’ I suck at singing/guitar), rubbing shoulders with the dejected and downtrodden of the world. Extremely good times, and extremely bad times. This novel is fiction but without compromising the integrity of my deeply personal experience, which I regard as inseparable from all that we are trying to achieve.

The paperback can be ordered here.

The ebook can be ordered here.

This is the back-cover synopsis:

The delicate coherence of a middle-American town is rocked to its core with the arrival of Zeb, a freight-riding, DMT-dosing dharma bum with a questionable past, a ukulele, and an unusual critique of our era’s most sacred moral assumptions. Though he soon overstays his welcome, it is not before first attracting the attention of Natty, an alt-right obsessed teenage girl with a burning hatred of her biracial parentage. Brought together by a common antipathy toward society as they know it, the pair embark on a danse macabre that sends them hurtling across the rail yards, dumpsters, and natural wonderment of the nation, all the while nagging the reader with the question of what, exactly, it is that Zeb is trying to say—and why on earth Natty would listen to him.

“DEATHTOTHEWORLD: an interracial racist love story” is a deeply racist tale of radical empathy and love rising out of the ashes of a world on the brink of revolution. It is as much a timely remark on the state of humanity as it is a timeless love poem penned between the lines of history. This is the fruit of a man who counts himself not a writer, but a student of the human condition and active combatant in the war of ideas.

Basically, it is a deeply personal, quasi-fictional account of my travels riding freight around the US. It is in many ways meant as a poetic moral argument for adapting to the changing scientific consensus on questions of race and intelligence rather than burying our heads under the sand, blaming everything on ‘white racism’. It’s about a guy who was expelled from university for his purported racism, who gets ‘RACIST’ tattooed on his face. The tl;dr is that he lives as a vagabond, squatting and freight-riding, getting into the habit of being run out of communities when they discover that this mysterious bard is actually an underground racist revolutionary. The plot kicks in when he meets a self-hating biracial teenage girl. They fall in love, do a bunch of hallucinogens, and end up firing (metaphorically-speaking) the first shots in what becomes the IRL cultural revolution against antiracist dogma and all the dystopic bullshit that hinges on it. The emotional plot arc is the freight rider basically weaning the biracial girl off of 14/88-style white nationalism and instead embracing a universalist moral critique of Antiracism as something which stokes the flames of human suffering for everybody–as something warped and unsustainable which will soon come to an end.

The novel is supernally linked to my poetry book. The novel is short, and speaks for itself. If times is tight, email me and I’ll send you a free pdf.

Moreover, if anybody would like to review the novel, or interview me about it, shoot me an email.


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