Saving the White Race through Cosmic Oneness

A review of DEATHTOTHEWORLD by @Jonatan_Stamm

An Echo Chamber of Virtue Signalling

When most people think of “saving the white race,” they certainly don’t think of cosmic oneness or a desire to ameliorate the suffering of all sentient beings. More likely, they imagine joining a Trumpist militia, disseminating hate facts and rare pepes on campuses, venerating the strong men and great thinkers of the West, and trying to replace mass immigration with an identitarian consciousness. Such marble-statue worship and activist trolling is mostly well and good, according to HAarlem VEnison, but it won’t save Western civilization from destruction. Though VEnison recalls other alt-rightists in identifying the dogma of racial sameness as the root of the problem, he radically departs from them in proclaiming its falsity to be an open secret that can be discredited not through loud scientistic argumentation but, rather, through unlocking the hearts of the masses with appeals to universalist moral considerations. This is a message he has sought to…

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