The Transhumanist Solution to Biological Disparities Between Human Populations (*cough*races*cough*)

So, there has been a small subset of intelligent antiracist progressives who are willing to countenance the possibility that meaningful, insuperable biological gaps between human populations are responsible for socioeconomic disparities. However, many of them turn immediately to the future fruits of transhumanism as a sort of ‘way out’ of addressing the problem in the present.

This transhumanist suggestion was recently forwarded to me by Robert Smith, who wrote an excellent article on Amren.

Here, at 17:21, I outline my doubts about transumanism, such as brain implants and genetic engineering, as a viable solution to gaps between populations in trait frequencies – and, therefore, neuroanatomy.

The whole video is worth watching, although you can only see one side of the conversation.

In any case, this was my response to Robert Smith regarding the transhumanist ‘way out’:

Firstly, to use transhumanism would require that we abandon the culturist hypothesis in the first place.

Otherwise – and this is how I think transhumanism /will/ happen – it will be mostly through piecemeal and available mostly to the rich.

“To he who has, it shall be given…”

Regarding genetic engineering, again, we would have to concede that HBD is true.

Secondly, what if these genes for cognitive/behavioral traits happened to express themselves also through phenotype? I’m sure lots of “light skin” and “smart” genes simply /happen/ to coexist, but I am worried that they might also affect phenotype.

For either transhumanism or genetic engineering, it would require vast amounts of money as well as the an end to this antiracism era.

All this said, I’m down for any solution. I just think we gotta put the fire out first.

My shtick is agnosticism on the issue. Let the cup be half full and half empty at the same time. Give people sovereignty over their faculty of inductive logic (“racial bias”). Treat people equally under the law, and give all equal claims to human rights. I am against fascism, don’t want Jim Crow or Nazism, or ethnic cleansing. In my heart there are only two races: those who believe in it and those who don’t.


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